The Arabian Eyebrow

April 6th, 2015Posted by admin

The Arab Eyebrow is the number one fashion and beauty news happening in London. It is everywhere, on Amal Clooney, on every woman that you pass on the street and surprisingly even on trendy blue eyed blonds lunching in San Lorenzo. The narrow pale soft eyebrow is OUT! The Arab eyebrow is IN! I rushed […]

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Fembots, Robots, and Aliens Arrive Today On Planet Earth

February 26th, 2015Posted by admin

Fembots, robots and aliens arrive on planet Earth, and they are here to stay. Get used to it! They are fierce and powerful. Do visit them at the Mia Fonssagrives Solow show at Kasher|Potamkin Gallery at 515 W. 26th Street in New York from Feb 26 to April 4th. The opening party is Thursday night […]

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Shades of Grey Are Also in the Air in Paris

February 20th, 2015Posted by admin

Shades of Grey are also in the air in Paris. Not in beds but in stores, as the shades of grey are the number one happening fashion color for pre spring for women and for men. The new way to wear grey is to mix it with all the various shades of grey in wool […]

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LeGrand Leseur Is the Next Big Thing in Men’s Fashion

September 22nd, 2014Posted by admin

Born in Philadelphia LeGrand Leseur went to Anna Maria college in Massachusetts to study music. He auditioned as a death metal musician, having written his song for his application. LeGrand, much like many ambitious creative artists found studying music in college totally un-inspirational. Not defeated, he used his college years as research lab for his […]

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Orange Is the New Black

August 17th, 2014Posted by admin

Hermes was right, orange is the number one, the chicest color for fashion and accessories. It is the signature color of their shopping bag . Lucky Siri has her own Hermes bag! This summer of 2014 Hermes Orange is the color for both men and women and that is totally rare! The fashionable world discovered […]

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Artists, Assume the World Is Waiting for You

July 23rd, 2014Posted by admin

Fifty years ago this week, I was twenty and I showed the mini dress in Paris Couture with my best friend Mia. How and why did two American girls have the COURAGE to cross the Atlantic in May 1964 on an ocean-liner and think France was waiting for their new look, The Mini ? At […]

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A NEW LIFE ~ 21 Bonaparte by Vicky Tiel

July 15th, 2014Posted by admin

The following is reposted from Lanier – scents memory published 07/12/2014 ( Diana Vreeland looked across the luncheon table at her and put it quite plainly: “My dear at your age and with a face like yours you simply cannot be a smug Mademoiselle.” Vivien Van Volkenburg looked up from her Chanel compact and smiled. “Diana […]

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Upstate NY Hottest Destination a Return to the Roots

July 9th, 2014Posted by admin

The picture perfect romantic getaway town of Claryville, New York has opened its Art Center this weekend with its first show, the work of acclaimed Russian-American artist, Alexander Kaletski titled “Forty Years in America.” The show lasts thru the long snowy winter. Kaletski’s colorful Contemporary work also hangs in the Blue Hill Lodge next door […]

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Diversity Is the Name of the Fashion Game for 2014

July 2nd, 2014Posted by admin

Diversity is the name of the fashion game for 2014. I counted 12 entirely different body shapes on women in New York’s Penn Station this morning as I went to work on a hot July morning on 7th Ave. The ladies were moving fast going to work, but I managed to sketch them all as […]

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If You Love YSL and Paris Fashion You Must Read This Juicy Story

June 13th, 2014Posted by admin

It’s 2007 and YSL, Pierre Berge, Sonia Rykiel, Emmanuelle Khahn and myself, all old and wrinkled and not so fabulous anymore are all seated par hazard on the same banquette in Paris. We were all five, by accident, eating at the Brasserie Lipp. It’s impossible, but true. I thought I’d seen it all in my […]

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